Sahassa is a technology services company that helps companies to discover the competitive advantage that are possible through IT implementation.

Based on The Idea, a group of people with the same vision establishes sahassa in order to somehow provide this “differences”. The Word “sahassa” was taken from “Pali” language. Sahassa means “thousands”.

This word represents the general vision of sahassa – make thousands, thousands of solution, thousands of idea, thousands of differences. Sahassa was established on 24th june 2002 under the name of  PT. Sahassa Panca Manunggal. Sahassa is a technology services company that helps companies to discover the competitive advantage that are possible through IT implementation.

While business principle stay the same, the demand of building more effective and efficient business process grows rapidly along with IT evolvement inside.Here, we help our clients to answer this challenge. By combining our skills, experience, and our insights, we create that value.

To Continuously develop and deliver high quality of information Technology solution which will make Differences.


  1. To become a trusted business partner for our customer
  2. To become one of the key-company in IT business
  3. To achieve intangible corporate image
  4. To provide a medium for IT research

Information Technology(IT) has evolved tremendously throughout all aspect of our life.

Thremendous enough to make people sometimes doesn’t realize of IT influence in their daily life. People browse the internet, reading and sending mails, use cellular phone, etc. These things exists because of IT.

We believe that IT makes our life easier.

In business, company can exchange confidential information such as doing whole sale transaction automatically, process thousands of business transaction every minute, mines raw data and extract them to be an input for management information system or Decision Support System. This last example help many managers to make precise decision for a company.

We believe that IT provides significant enhancement for business.

People now can create their own life. They can try a different game excitement through Virtual Reality (VR), design their own home using 3D environment, and make animations to enrich creativity in movie.

We believe that IT creates so many things that never exist before.

Our Approach

Collaborative, Intelligent , Initiative

Sahassa helps companies profit from the enormous potential of Internet technologies to increase efficiency, lower costs, and build valuable relationships.

We have combined our technical skills, business knowledge, and broad industry experience to develop a range of solutions that we tailor to meet the needs of each of our clients.

With a successful track record integrating these solutions and providing custom e-business services for some of the world’s leading corporations, we are able to offer our clients accelerated time to market and greatly reduced project costs.

In helping our clients, we believe in starting with the right definition of business needs. Then we work side by side with the clients to find the Intelligent solution.

This collaboration addresses the one important question, what value does the solution deliver to the business — what is the net benefit? Does the solution make your business run smother? Does it help you improve your cost structure? Does it help you understand the situation and help you make better decision? Does it show you where the opportunities are?

At Sahassa, the right solution means the one exactly fits your business. We start with learning about your need, your situation and strategy, both for now and the future. Armed with this knowledge and our expertise in information technology, we seek solutions that will produce significant benefits for your business.

The Process

Combining expertise, teamwork, and a passion for excellence, Sahassa helps companies leverage Internet technologies to solve business problems. We deploy a thorough implementation methodology that is based on industry best practices and our own hands-on experience, to deliver strategic solutions that are user-oriented, scalable, and flexible.

Like any successful business initiative, effective e-business solutions are achieved through a three-tiered process of inquiry, analysis, and implementation. At Sahassa, diagnostics are the first step in this process. We focus on a company’s entire organization and industry in order to develop a business case for e-business initiatives.

This analysis includes a value assessment to determine the financial impact of the initiative; a technical assessment to examine a company’s existing architecture and resources; and a change assessment to measure the impact on an organization’s processes, human resources, and demand chain stakeholders.

Sahassa project management philosophy is driven by the desire for project excellence. Our project managers are charged with the responsibility of managing risk, changes to scope, quality of deliverables, knowledge transfer, and consistency in the overall approach for a project.

Sahassa uses a formal risk identification and management process as an integral part of our project management methodology. In applying this methodology, risks are assessed continuously and used to make effective decisions and resolve issues throughout all phases of a project.

Sahassa strategic planning process is collaborative and client-centered.

It is designed to promote creative thinking outside the constraints of a company’s traditional business environment. Depending on the scope of a project, topics addressed during the planning process may include:

  1. Business model development.

  2. Interactive marketing strategy.

  3. Community building strategy.

  4. Usability assessment.

  5. Customer service and support strategy.

  6. Demand chain integration and optimization.

  7. Existing application integration.

  8. Change management.

Deploying a cross-disciplinary project team, Sahassa creates user experiences based on an intimate knowledge of a client’s brand and business objectives, as well as a deep understanding of the needs, lifestyles, habits, and online behavior of targeted users.

The mission of our user experience team is unified: we strive to develop worthwhile, meaningful experiences that deliver value to our clients, their customers, partners, and employees.

Sahassa skilled application developers, graphic designer, technical architects, and database administrators work together throughout the planning and production process to build optimal-performing, defect-free, and reusable code structures.

Using standardized development tools and practices, and rapid development techniques, our development team is able to deliver solutions customized to the unique needs of each client.

By working with companies to understand their e-business requirements, we can recommend third-party or custom applications that will help achieve those goals – quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Sahassa applies a rigorous and thorough quality assurance and testing process during the production phase of projects, in order to ensure that our clients receive flexible, scalable solutions that meet their business objectives.

Our technicians and QA experts are at the forefront of the industry and are experts in Internet technology. They employ the latest advanced tools and best practices to prime the performance of clients’ applications and ensure that systems will operate at peak performance.

As a convenient single point of contact, Sahassa managed services team is dedicated to maintaining the successful operation of our clients’ applications by providing 24×7 support, predefined escalation procedures, and an operations management methodology.

Leveraging an inside understanding of our clients’ business and custom applications, our team of experienced IT professionals ensures the optimal performance of each application and proactively works with clients to identify application improvements.

Sahassa Analytics practice applies business intelligence to help companies optimize customer relationships.

Analytic services enable companies to acquire the right new customers and retain their highest value customers through the strategic and precise cross-selling and up-selling of products and services at the right time, through the right channel. Our analytics team works with companies to empower marketing, customer service, and sales groups with real-time information to make intelligent business decisions.

With business analytics expertise and hands-on experience implementing the leading data-mining applications, Sahassa is able to turn clients’ CRM, commerce, and content management systems into smarter, revenue-generating solutions.

Our Services

Sahassa is a technology services company that helps companies to discover the competitive advantage that are possible through IT implementation.With our experiences, we provides you many solutions.


When you have unique needs that cannot be fulfilled by any available ready-made products in the market, we can taylor a custom application development that suit prefectly to your needs. Either because of different budget targeting, uncompromised business process and functionality, there should be a better solution that will bring differences to your business. Through our compact and advanced System Development Life Cycle (SLDC), we achieve a high-quality custom application in accordingly to our commitment.

Compare to other convetional SDLC, our SDLC has been improved to deliver faster development time, suit to user needs more precisely, and in the end, it will bring you closer to your goals and targets.

We have taylored a wide range of application type from a simple-type application up until a complex and “artificial intelligence”-type application.

Our service consists of :

  1. Develop Custom Application
  2. Application Development Partnership (Managed Service of Customer’s IT division)
  3. System Architecture Design
  4. Application Migration
  5. Application Support & Maintenance
  • Cross Seeling Tools – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Loan Monitoring System – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Geographic Information System – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Priority Customer Management – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Loan Origination Commercial – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Internal Credit Rating & Risk aced Pricing – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Branch & ATM Monitoring – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Distributor System – Hewlett Packard Indonesia
  • Niaga Intranet System – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Daftar Hitam Nasional – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Housing Rate Monitoring System – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Non Performing Loan Management – PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk.
  • Intergrated University Information System – President University
  • Course Management System – Binus Center
  • Bank Niaga Preferred Vendor 2006
  • Bank Niaga Preferred Vendor 2005
  • SMS Server – Canadian Embassy, YASKI, Optik Melawai
  • Interactive Game System – Procter & Gamble (P&G) Indonesia
  • ERP – PT. Parama Spektrum

Our Client

PT Sahassa Panca Manunggal is a progressive and highly innovative in  providing a Technology Services specialist in bringing IT solution for Banking Industry.  With many experiences and a full of experts, we have a high reputation in IT Banking Solution. We have many national bank as our client. 
There are our client :
Bank CIMB Niaga
Bank Danamon
Adira Finance
Bank BII Maybank
Bank BTPN Syariah
Bank Panin
Bank Sahabat Sampoerna
Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
Bank DBS Indonesia
KEB Hana Bank
Bank MNC
Bank Resona Perdania
Signature Verification System

In Banking transaction, Signature is one of important data as customer’s identity. Transaction will valid, only if that customer signs his/her signature. Because of that, Signature must be secure. For Security, bank which has a lot of branches, signatures cannot distribute into all of branches, so signatures only keep in opening branch only. In that case, for transaction in different branches, verification process of course need much time.

Action for that problem, support system for that problem is needed to be provided. One of them is displaying electronic signature which can be accessed from another branches or central office and also integrate with core system from bank wide. The purpose of this system is increasing performance especially efficiency verification signature process. Signatures only kept in opening branch only, in that case, for transaction in different branches, verification process of course need much time.

Data Management
Anti Money Laundering


We have combined our technical skills, business knowledge, and broad industry experience to develop a range of solutions that we tailor to meet the needs of each of our clients. There are our projects :

Custom Banking Application

Anti Money Laundering
• PT Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk
• PT Bank ICB Bumi Putera, Tbk
• PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional, Tbk
• PT Bank Internasional Indonesia, Tbk
• PT Bank PANIN, Tbk
• PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk
Compliance Regulatory Monitoring Application
Credit Risk Standardize Approach Calculator (CRISTA)
Laporan Stabilitas Moneter & Keuangan (LSMK)
PSAK – Jurnal
PSAK Syariah
Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan (PSAK) System 50/55
Bank Wide Credit Checking System
Operational Risk Management System
Audit Management System

Custom Application

Course Management System
Binus Center
Distributor System
Interactive Game System
Order and Delivery Information System
Selling And Buying Information System
SMS Server
University Information System


Sahassa Achievements
Compete in Bank Niaga Internal Award Competition, under Project Category, Anti-Money-Laundery System (AML) achieves Outstanding Performance Award (OPA) outperform other IT and non-IT -solution
Outstanding Performance Award (Bank Niaga – Internal 2008) for AML System PT Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk
Sahassa becomes a part of the consolidation merger team between Bank Niaga and Lippo Bank in 2009
CIMB Niaga Merger Team 2009 PT Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk

E-Company Award 2006 theme was “IT Innovation for Excellent Improvement” which focus on how far the IT innovation really gives a significance and excellent contribution for company’s business.

This theme is accordance with the IT roadmap that shows how a high quality of value will be added for the company by implementing the right and suitable IT Solution.

Our Application, Customer Data Monitoring System (CDMS) and Branch Delivery Monitoring System (BDMS) get the runner up position competing against other banking application throughout Indonesia.

E-Company Award 2006 Runner Up Warta Ekonomi
Compete in Bank Niaga Internal Award Competition, under Project Category, Customer Data Monitoring System (CDMS) archieves Outstanding Performance Award (OPA) outperform other IT and non-IT solution.
Outstanding Performance Award (Bank Niaga-Internal 2005) PT Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk
After working with Sahassa for one year (2004) Sahassa is trusted to become Bank Niaga Preferred Vendor in year 2005-2013. Bank Niaga Preferred Vendor is a partnership agreement which assigns Sahassa to develop strategic IT solution to support business and to gain competitive advantages.

The IT solution that Sahassa develop includes Credit Rating, Cross Selling Tools, Single Sign-On System, Networking Monitoring System, and many more.
Bank Niaga Preferred Vendor 2005 – 2013 PT Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk


PT Sahassa Panca Manunggal

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Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 28

Jakarta Selatan 12920

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